Monday, January 17, 2011

Thanks to Christmas

I'm sure most of you already know about Artsonia, but if you don't, it's an online gallery that I post my students' artwork on. Students' families and friends can view and comment on their artworks and also purchase items with those artworks printed on them with 15% of the purchase going back to me for supplies(so awesome for me!). Students can also write artist statements about their own pieces, which has been so much fun for me to see what the kiddos have to say about the projects and their work!

This artist statement written by a first grader was posted today and it is too brilliant and hilarious not to share!

"The red hot lava was about to burn the houses down. But thanks to Christmas, it snowed day and night. Then the snow piled up really high and slowly the lava started to harden and finally the lava stopped. I love Christmas time."

What an imagination!!!

This lesson was so much fun! I decided minutes before my class came in, that I was going throw my plans out the window for something completely different! It was a gorgeous snowy day, so I just couldn't resist having the kids draw the snowy scene in the hallway(with lots of windows). We then came back to the artroom and used q-tips to paint the falling snow. It was a lovely way to celebrate such a beautiful day!

Have you ever thrown your plans out the window in place of something spontaneous?


Art Project Girl said...
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Teri said...

Hi Therese - Looking at the original snowy drawing and thinking that a lot of plans are going out the window today! Teri

Art Project Girl said...

Missing your BLOG! :) It's one of the best.

Katie said...

stumbled upon your blog and was amazed by everyone of your posts! I couldn't stop and made it all the way to your first post. Amazing ideas, very inspiring, a truly unique point of view. One of the most original art ed blogs i have seen in a while!

Gabriela said...

Yes, and it always seems to work out beautifully!