Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fingerprint Stories

Speaking of happy accidents...
With this lesson, I had the kids use markers to draw on their fingers to make fingerprints covering their entire paper. Any project where the kids get to draw on themselves is a winner!

We talked about how we didn't need to focus on making 'perfect' fingerprints because different sizes and shapes allow us to be more inventive with our designs(this encourages happy accidents and less perfectionism!) Students came up with a story and then used each fingerprint as a character in the story. I encouraged them to try to include as many different designs as they could think of. For example, if it were a story of a soccer game, a fingerprint could turn into... a player, a soccer ball, a fan in the crowd, a worm popping up in the field, etc!

The stories and drawings the kiddos came up with are so inventive and interesting!

Goo Goo beeb indeed! Two thumbs up(or on the paper) for these creations!


M. Hill said...

neva looked at your kids fingerprint artwork with me just now and i think she's going to try it first chance she gets :)

therese english perdue said...

YAH! Please show me the results! I'm sure they'll be amazing! Hope you and baby Hudson are doing well! :)

Erica said...

Oh my gosh! I have to try this myself it looks like so much fun!!! I'm sure the kids are going to go nuts for it and the stories you can come up with! I just got to order thin sharpie pens too:)

Shannah said...

Love these:)
Great graphic quality to them too.