Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hats off!

Hats off to my adorable first graders on completing their 3-D hats! When I saw this lesson, I knew it wasn't a choice- I HAD to do it! Last year, I did a paper roller coaster lesson along the same idea, but this is so much more fun!

I wore my example hat as the kids walked in(their classroom teachers probably thought I was a mega-weirdo, but it was so worth it- the kids loved it!) It was hilarious seeing their faces trying to figure out what's going on... why is this crazy lady wearing a wacky paper hat!

As always, their pieces out-shined my example, hands down!

To show off their amazing creations, we had a fashion show around the classroom, set to David Bowie's 'Fashion'. The kids were twirling and posing and clapping and one student even did some amazing robo-moves!

First grade always amazes me with their boundless imaginations!

Check out all of their beautiful hats on Artsonia!

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Erica said...

Love this idea. Might use it for Dr. Seuss day! Thanks