Monday, October 11, 2010

Words About Me

For this project, 3rd grade learned about the artwork of Jasper Johns(no lunches, unfortunately). I don't know if this will work, but I used this video to introduce Jasper Johns. Silly! :) We looked at his artwork and talked about his use of symbols to represent his ideas. We discussed why he would use common symbols that we use everyday as his subject. One student said that because letters and numbers are so common to us, it's like our second language. Brilliant! I think it's really important to have the kids think of others' thought processes(metacognition).

Students picked three or so adjectives that describe themselves to use as a blueprint for their artworks. We talked about how powerful words are in our lives and how they shape and affect the world we experience.

We measured our papers to create three equal sections(on a 9x12 sheet of paper, mark at 3" and 6"). We then wrote out our words, making sure to have the letters touch the top, bottom and sides of section. Each letter should also touch each other. Using markers, we colored in each shape that the letters made. To finish off our designs, we used silver sharpies to outline our words.

I absolutely love these colorful self-portraits! It was so interesting to see what words kids choose to describe themselves. It taught me a lot about who the kids are and more importantly, how they see themselves. It led to some great conversations!

Some great words: creative, hyper, silly, writer, caring, fashionista, muslim, and last but not least, eater...he must have heard about Jasper John's lunches! :)

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