Sunday, November 14, 2010

Adjust Accordingly

For the past few years I've been really interested (cough...obsessed) with the myers briggs personality theory. It is a test that determines your personality type based on how you perceive the world and how you make decisions. 

Take it here!

Your type is based on the combination of four categories, (E)extraversion or (I)introversion, (S)sensing or (N)intuition, (T)thinking of (F)feeling, and (J)judging or (P)perceiving. This results in 16 possible personality types.


The first time I read my description of my type, INFP, I was blown away with how dead on it was! Who I am, what my strengths and weakness are, even the silly quirks were exactly me! Since then, I've forced everyone I know to take the test(it's actually required if you want to be my friend!). For me, it's been so interesting to learn about how other people make decisions and what they care about. It helps me to be more understanding of others and to give benefit of the doubt, before I judge others.

This personality theory also influences my teaching. As a teacher, I feel it's so important to be aware of multiple intelligences and different personalities and adjust accordingly! For example, last year I had a student that on certain days, who would not want to work on her artwork at all. I literally tried everything to motivate and inspire her and nothing seemed to help! But then I realized I was 'helping' her in all the ways I would want to be helped... I was telling her, " you can't fail; you can try anything you want!". But that was horrible advice for this specific student, she needed step by step guidance, because she had no confidence with her creativity, at that point. That experience was a big wake up call for me that I need to teach in many different ways! 

Well I could write 10,001 exhausting posts on this sort of thing, so I guess I should stop here! If anyone takes this test, please, please, please post your results! It would be so interesting to see if there is an art teacher personality!!! 


Andrea lauren said...

hi! i just found your blog from elsies wedding blog - gorgeous wedding! i'm so glad i found this post - i just re-took mine (after forgetting what mine was in high school) and had the same reaction - it was dead on - i made my boyfriend take his and we both had an eerie moment - his was dead on too!
i'm definitely bookmarking your blog (we're both music teachers)

Aline Maira said...

I am an INFP, and I am studying art =) I was excited to find your blog via Elsie's wedding blog. I took this test years ago and once in a while take it again... it's amazing how it's still dead on.
you have a new follower =)

Snippety Gibbet said...

I can be rather obsessed with the MBPI as well. I'm an INFJ. Not too far off from you! jan

Mim Smith Faro said...

Came from Elsie's blog too :) Loved your wedding photos and wanted to know more about you. I'm an elementary teacher of gifted and I love the things you've shared here.

I recently retook the Myers Briggs and got what I always get- ENFP.

At an inservice once, the entire staff took this and then mapped ourselves. It was very telling where we all ended up :)

Beth said...

Love, love, love it! As you know, I'm an ISFJ - almost opposite of you - but still, kindred spirits. :-)

Efrat K said...

Hi! I just took the test and I'm an INFP. :) Actually, I thought about being an art teacher but decided not to. :)
oh, and I, too, found your blog via Elsie's wedding blog. :)

Art Project Girl said...

INFG it was totally right!!! Crazy.

Art Project Girl said...

INFJ oops

therese english perdue said...

Nice to 'meet' so many of you! Thank you so much for the sweet words about my special day- it was an amazing day!

Hope to get to know everyone more! :)