Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sleeping at Last

Last week we had some really exciting news! My husband's band, Sleeping at Last was played in the show Private Practice!

The episode is up on Hulu. Their beautiful song, 'Watermark' is played in the last five minutes. Watch it here

Last Thursday, we had a super fun 'viewing party' at our place. Kim, the band's amazing manager/mom/friend/guru brought us all dessert while we anxiously waited for the song to play! I so love our band family!!! Check out Kim's inspiring new blog, You Were Meant For Amazing Things. It will most definitely make you feel amazing!

Here is the song in it's entirety:

I am endlessly proud and inspired by my husband and Sleeping at Last's creativity and determination.  It's so rare that people hop off the beaten path and bravely pursue their dreams. It makes me so happy to know that their music is reaching out to help and inspire so many people! What a cool job, right? It might be the only job as cool, or cooler than an art teacher! maybe!

Check out Sleeping at Last and their latest project, Yearbook.

xxx proud wife signing off!


Beth said...

It is a mesmerizing song! Congrats, Sleeping at Last!

Mary said...

Gorgeous song! Congrats! :)

Mary said...

I am officially a Sleeping at Last fan! I loved that song so much I had to hear more. I'm spreading the word.

therese english perdue said...

I'm so glad you like it! I honestly LOVE it too!(not just because I know them!). Thanks for the support! :)

Art Project Girl said...

Wow! That song is beautiful. I'm so glad we get to hear it on mainstream television. What a break through! Finally some smart people working on television. I can't wait to check out more of their work!

Catherine said...

Hi Therese! I just popped over to your blog after seeing your beautiful wedding pics on Elsie's blog. You are SO creative and have an incredible style.

I thought it was interesting to find out that Sleeping At Last is your hubby's band - I've had one of their albums for years and have always loved their music. Small world to stumble onto a blog post that led me to his wife-y's blog!

You two make quite the talented and creative pair. *cheers*