Monday, November 8, 2010

Radial Symmetry Leaf Painting

Second Grade finished up their radial symmetry leaf paintings and they are gorgeous!

We discussed radial symmetry and where we can find it in nature.


We started by drawing an X, from corner to corner, on a 12x12 sheet of paper. On each line we drew a leaf( I printed out drawing instructions for a few different kinds of leaves). I demonstrated how to draw the veins and how to add designs around the leaves to achieve radial symmetry. During the demonstration, I came up with this little song..."draw it, turn it, draw it, turn it"( to the tune of 'bop it'); the kids were really into my jam! All around the classroom, my little tune was floating around! Embarrassing for me, but helpful for them!

The drawings were done using oil pastel and then watercolors for the background. We talked about how contrasting colors make our designs stand out.


Phyl said...

These came out nice - I'm always making up little songs too. The kids love it,and don't notice how bad I sing!

Well Re(a)d said...

Beautiful artwork.

Also, this is SUPER creepy...but do you knit/shop at Wool & Company? I found your blog through Elsie's wedding blog and you look really familiar (I work there).



(Oh, and sorry if you don't shop there. I just get excited about random/chance meetings in real life & online)

therese english perdue said...

YES, I do shop at Wool and Company! Do you work at the new location? I was just there a few weeks ago to buy yarn for a neck warmer- the two girls there(probably you!) were so sweet and helpful! Thanks! :) NEAT! What a small world! I LOVE those serendipitous connections! I'll have to come in and visit soon!(I'll take any excuse to get some new yarn!!!)

Nice to 'meet' you! :)

Art Project Girl said...

I linked this post to a radial design post I made. Hope you don't mind! Thought it was really great.